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Direct Mail

Direct mail is the only form of advertising that puts your message directly in the hands of the people you want to see it. 

At Direct Marketing Solutions, our dedicated mailing facility is a full service direct mail operation designed to support the marketing and outreach needs of our clients throughout the US. We offer solutions designed to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign while minimizing the costs. Our customers rely on our direct mail expertise to send millions of mail pieces a month while keeping up with the latest standards of the USPS to best utilize postal savings.

From list acquisition and NCOA processing to personalized letters or a simple postcard, Direct Marketing’s expertise can save you money.

Our team will guide you through the maze of postal regulations, show you ways to reduce postage and help to get the best results from your mail campaign.  In a demanding direct mail environment, we are a vital partner. We are experts in list management and postal regulations. Our investment in the newest mail technologies increases speed and accuracy that will bring you and your clients the best possible ROI. Completing the seamless process is our premier status with the United States Postal Service that provides yet another assurance of the on-time delivery that can make or break your message.

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