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Multi-Channel Marketing

This type of marketing marries physical mail with digital advertising that can be viewed with the USPS’s email notification, online dashboard and mobile app.

Interactive Campaigns

Your digital content can include custom images with a web link to direct users to your digital advertisement, website, video, slideshow and more. 

The Latest Communications Technology

Be in on the cusp with Informed Delivery. You can be an innovator that is above the curve by utilizies this new advertising vehicle. Because it is so new, there is little competition, making it the perfect time to take advantage of this marketing advantage.

USPS Digital Acceess provides a way to reach consumers digitally and by email – without even having to know their email address

Multi-Channel Marketing like Informed Delivery increases ROI by getting your message across several times

You’ll enjoy greater Data Insights. Get campaign data – number of emails sent, opened and clicked.

High Open Rates

Informed Delivery has email open rates averaging 70%. 

Multiple Impressions

When you connect with your audience by providing online and offline experiences, you get the advantage of multiple engagement from just one mail piece.

Consumer Response

Interactive digital content related to the mail piece drives higher response.

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