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Creative Services

Creative Services

With our Creative Services at Direct Marketing Solutions, we are here to make you look your best!

Creative Services offered to you from the team at Direct Marketing Solutions will not only save you time and money…they will inspire you! DMS offers you our creative services before you actually print your marketing piece.  We can help you to maximize the postage savings by following the postal guidelines.

Before you can deliver a message, you need to craft it and ensure you are maximizing your investment. DMS has complete creative services including campaign concept development, copywriting, art direction, and production design. Our wide experience working with various clients in multiple industry verticals means we know how to best leverage the front-door space to make a creative impact.

DMS knows what you want from your customers and prospects. We know how to collaborate with you to make it happen. From proven direct mail design that improves response, to dynamic benefit-driven copy that motivates action, our creative services capture attention and drive readership across multiple direct marketing channels.

Direct Marketing Solutions will redefine open and response rates with timely, relevant offers using variable data done right. Our creative services won’t just entertain your customers and prospects – we’ll put them in motion. Using data to inform creative, our direct mail designs will put your campaign at center stage and drive performance across all your direct marketing channels. Whether your direct marketing solution requires a postcard, letter package, purls, quick code, or email, we have extensive experience in creating these items for a direct response solution.

Our creative services staff will work with you to make sure your marketing investment will receive the proper response! Because that is their focus, all day, every day. Whether you need a simple business card redesign or a highly‐targeted one‐to‐one direct marketing campaign, DMS has the expertise and the talent to create effective, compelling design.

Right from the start, we take a unique approach. Our creative team will listen and ask questions to make sure we understand your business objectives. Next, we develop a marketing strategy to communicate your message and consider how your message will be received from your customer’s perspective.

So whether you need help kick-starting your concept or you already developed your campaign – Call us to get you started or send us a PDF of your mail piece and we can analyze it before it is printed.  We will give you any recommendations we have to help you save the most money.  By changing rotation or size you’d be surprised on how much you can save on postage.  Let us help you, that is why we are here.

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