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Database Management

Direct Marketing Solutions is here to help you make your direct marketing mail campaigns more efficient with our data management solutions.

With our database management you can feel confident that you are getting:

  • Direct mail list segmentation to target your best customers
  • Duplicate search and purge to eliminate redundancy
  • Inkjet file preparation

At DMS our clients can rely on our direct mail address processing to ensure they are wringing the most out of every marketing dollar. Duplicate address checking alone can eliminate 2-5 percent of duplicate names on your database, saving you money not only on postage, but also printing of your direct mail pieces. Learn how our database management and list segmentation solutions help you connect with your best customers.

Direct Marketing Solutions will save you time and money on your postage with smart data management solutions.

DMS will look for all possible avenues to get you the best rates and the fastest delivery possible.  We do this by sorting your list through CASS certification and also we check for additional postal savings by seeing if we can send to NDNC, SCF and DDU destination post offices to get your mail through the mail stream a little quicker while saving you money to do that.  Ask your representative about this.

National Change of Address (NCOA)

Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which creates formidable obstacles in maintaining a high-quality mailing list. The NCOA helps reduce undeliverable mail pieces before mail enters the mail stream. As a service you will get the changes back to update your important customer/prospect list. Your records will go to the right address and save you money and time.


DMS can run your list to check for duplicates using different criteria based on your needs.  Why waste postage and printed materials by sending more than one to a person or a household.

Programming/Benefit Statements

Combine variable text, images, graphs and charts to create personalized Benefit Booklets for your employees. We create, print, personalize and distribute secure information in a confidential manner.  We have years of confidential Benefit Booklet production and distribution.

How to Format Your Mailing List

File Types (Extensions) We Accept : XLS, XLSX – Microsoft Excel File, CSV- Comma Delimited, ASC- ASCII Text File, TXT- ASCII Text File, DBF – Database File

A file extension is the format a file is saved in. Many common software programs will export and save files  in the formats listed above. A few of these programs are: ACT, Maximizer, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Microsoft Works, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus, Dymo Labelwriter, Filemaker Pro, and Label Maker Pro.

Organizing Your Mailing List

Your mailing list files should be set-up so that each address has its own row and each column contains one element of the address. For example, all of the names should be in one column.

Here are examples of CORRECTLY formatted lists:

Diane Martin33851 Curtis Blvd. #202EastlakeOH44095
John Doe33851 Curtis Blvd.  #202EastlakeOH44095
Jane Doe33851 Curtis Blvd. #202EastlakeOH44095


NameAddressAddress 2CityStateZip
Diane Martin33851 Curtis Blvd.202EastlakeOH44095
John Doe33851 Curtis Blvd.202EastlakeOH44095
Jane Doe33851 Curtis Blvd.202EastlakeOH44095


DianeMartin33851 Curtis Blvd. #202EastlakeOH44095
JohnDoe33851 Curtis Blvd. #202EastlakeOH44095
JaneDoe33851 Curtis Blvd. #202EastlakeOH44095

Here are examples of INCORRECTLY formatted lists :

Diane Martin                             John Doe                                       Jane Doe

33851 Curtis Blvd #202           33851 Curtis Blvd #202              33851 Curtis Blvd #202
Eastlake, OH 44095                 Eastlake, OH 44095                  Eastlake, OH 44095

Lists that are not formatted correctly require reformatting and will incur additional charges.

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