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Printing Services

At Direct Marketing Solutions, our ink jet service allows you to print addresses on self-mailers, postcards or envelopes. Ink jetting is the process of imprinting the names, addresses, and bar codes directly onto your mail piece, eliminating the need for a separately affixed label. Ink jetting offers you a neat, personalized mail piece and an address panel with up to six square inches of copy.

The benefits include:

  • High quality-providing the professional look you want for your customers
  • High speed-getting your project completed quickly and accurately
  • Low cost-by using state-of-the art technology.

Direct Marketing Solutions inkjets the address onto your mail pieces up to 600 dpi.  Our high speed ink jetters make it possible to address your pieces at the most economical prices and in the most timeliest fashion.

Let us know if you have a logo you need printed or would like to print in a color.  Your DMS representative can help you with your needs.

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